Board Match

Board Match

The Stakeholders Board Matching Program prepares and refers business professionals for positions on nonprofit boards and committees. 

For individuals seeking to become involved in community leadership, the Board Matching Program prepares and  recommends candidates for board positions, according to the needs expressed by nonprofit organizations, and the interests and abilities of individual

For nonprofit organizations, the Board Matching Program provides access to highly capable and diverse board candidates, who are prepared for board service through the Stakeholders’ Role of the Board seminar. Stakeholders interview and recommend individuals whose interests and qualifications meet the needs of the organization. In addition, Stakeholders offers board development, education, and consulting services.


Candidates will demonstrate:

  • Interest in community
  • Expertise and achievement in their field
  • Vision, strategic thinking, teamwork, fundraising and personal financial commitment
  • Interest and readiness to serve on the board of a nonprofit organization in the Capital Region


Please fill out the form below or download a copy of our application here.

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The Process

  1. Candidate submits a letter of interest and application (see form below) to the Stakeholders Board Matching Program.
  2. Once candidate returns the completed application, Stakeholders staff researches nonprofit organizations that meet the candidate’s interests and skills.
  3. Candidate attends a three-hour seminar on the role of the nonprofit board member
  4. Candidate has an interview with staff to discuss candidate’s skills and interests, and to learn about specific nonprofit board opportunities that meet their interests and seek their skills.
  5. Stakeholders recommends the candidate to a nonprofit board that meets their  interests. The candidate and the nonprofit meet to interview each other to ascertain if it is a “good match” If agreed, the candidate is submitted for election by the organization’s board.