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Something magical happens when you bring people together to solve a problem… the ideas flow… the energy crackles… a feeling of community is built… like mobilizing for a disaster… the focus is on the issue and those who need help, as it should be.

What if other issues were approached in the same manner? Identify the problems. Assemble a group of people from the community. Talk and listen. Make a plan together. Divide up the work. Take action. Help people and build capacity for nonprofits. Touch base with each other to see how the work is progressing. Solve problems.

When you break it down, it makes complete sense. Yet, it doesn’t happen that way, because each person and organization does their “thing” separately, often without knowing what others might be doing to address the same issue. Fostering a coordinated effort that involves the community as a whole is the role of the Civic Engagement Council.


The Civic Engagement Council will be the infrastructure the community needs to determine root causes of problems and holistic solutions.


The Stakeholders Civic Engagement Council identified seven issue areas that have emerged in recent years in our area. They are:

  • Veterans/Military Families
  • Disaster Services 
  • Arts & Culture 
  • Economic Development/Economic Opportunity
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Cities of Service
  • Healthy Futures - social services


We have identified the top three issues of Veterans/Military Families, Arts & Culture, and Disaster Response as a priority for our area. Now, we are assembling Task Forces for each issue so the real work can begin. And we need your help… nonprofits, business leaders, higher education, government, individuals. Your input is crucial to making real change and addressing the issues that impact us all as members of the community.

Stakeholders Inc. is committed to providing a Town Hall meeting forum for all parties to voice concerns and ideas and to listen to each other. The Civic Engagement Council will serve as the neutral facilitator in gathering information in order to identify areas for improvement and build consensus on action items. All parties at the table will be encouraged to work together in a “many hands make light work” concept.

Action items will be identified as a group and taken on as a group. Together, the Task Forces will form a plan for moving forward and work toward real solutions that are coordinated and effective. We will track progress and keep all parties informed of the status of each project. Supporting the work of the Task Forces will be the priority of the Stakeholders’ Civic Engagement Council.



Engaging the Community. Building a Team to Tackle the Big Issues Together.

Ready to Get Involved? Become a member today and register as a member of one or more Task Force teams.


Members of the Task Force will:

  • Educate themselves and others on the service issue
  • Help connect human and capital resources to strengthen the capacity of the organizations who serve the sector (foster cross sector collaboration)
  • Establish a fund or raise funds to carry out Task Force service initiatives
  • Work with other members of the Task Force to complete projects


Town Halls will:

  • Phase One: Convene
  • Phase Two: Assess
  • Phase Three: Strategize
  • Phase Four: Action
  • Phase Five: Track/Report


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