Veterans/Military Families

Vets & Military FamiliesWith so many veterans and their families in our eight-county area, we have the opportunity to serve a population that is more used to giving than receiving. Veterans and military families face unique personal hardships, service related health issues, unemployment and homelessness.

The collective knowledge of the many organizations in our area who serve veterans is invaluable. Pooling that knowledge and resources presents an opportunity for the Task Force to identify the top Veterans and Military Family issues, make informed decisions, and develop real solutions that all stakeholders play a part in.

Partnerships and coordinated services will be key to achieving the Task Force goals. The organizations who assist veterans and military families know best what the challenges and obstacles are. But the help of the community as a whole is needed to address the issues facing our veterans, whether it’s reintegration after deployment, job training and employment, health services, affordable housing or substance abuse.


Members of the Veterans/Military Families Task Force will :

  • Educate themselves and others on the service issue
  • Help connect human and capital resources to strengthen the capacity of the organizations who serve the sector (foster cross sector collaboration)
  • Establish a fund or raise funds to carry out Task Force service initiatives
  • Work with other members of the Task Force to complete projects
  • Bring together interested parties for meaningful discussion at a Town Hall forum
  • Set goals and a timeline
  • Track progress with data/numbers and report on it regularly to keep everyone on course.

Town Halls will:

  • Phase One: Convene
  • Phase Two: Assess
  • Phase Three: Strategize
  • Phase Four: Action
  • Phase Five: Track/Report

Members of this task force are currently working on a single point of entry for access to services for Veterans and their families.


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